RGBXYZ is an initiative from UNI_VERSE Studio. With RGBXYZ, UNI_VERSE Studio aims to bring more awareness among brands and agencies to the digital art community, generating more commercial work and opportunities.

Role: Tech, Educational programme, Expo and Communications Producer

During 4 days a number of independent artists and interdisciplinary makers make up a large-scale program with a wide audience reach.

This can include art such as animation, projection mapping, augmented reality, virtual reality, AI art and interactive installations by internationally renowned and local digital artists like Isabelle Udo and Nikzad Arabshahi & Heleen Blanken. This exhibition tries to push the boundaries of the interdisciplinary realm of tech art.

Next to the digital art exhibition, we have also built a program around learning and exploring. We curate an immersive, fun and interactive program with the intention to motivate creatively and to satisfy your curiosity. This includes multiple cultural events such as creator talks and workshops for you to try, fail, collaborate, experiment and create with new technology alongside some of the installation artists and more.

With this project we aimed to bring to light some new techniques and discussion topics that could have a long term impact on the creative industry. Whether it is by starting to implement these techniques more proactively, making them more accessible to the general public giving the attention they deserve or inspiring up and coming artists to use these technologies. We also aimed to teach them a bit about these techniques and guide them on how to work with them through the talks and workshops.

For this first edition of the digital arts festival, we curated an exposition of 21 (mostly) interactive art installations by a total of 18 artists more or less. I was in charge of the tech production and set up for all of these installations in our space.

We filled the days with a total of 4 workshops (VR sculpting, SparkAR, and TouchDesigner), 4 talks (Antfood, The Fabricant, Reblika and VideOrbit), along with a DJ set for every evening.

As part of the edition’s branding, signage and merch, we designed a logo, some shirts, floor-maps and placards. We also commissioned an artisan for a custom sculpture that would represent our festival.

Before, during and after the event I also had to coordinate and create a social media and marketing strategy, including a website which helped quickly build a small following for the festival as per this Instagram page.

This was my first big event production and I am really grateful for this opportunity as we really created something special. To the few thousand visitors who came by, I appreciate your time and attention a lot.