Clouded VR is an interactive virtual reality experience that we developed in collaboration with Vincent Boon

Role: Full production and creative development from concept, script writing to installation presentation.

This short Virtual Reality experience is a satirical commentary on our relationship with the virtual world through personal devices, an experimental story driven by interaction.

An interactive offbeat VR snack of about 15min. Upload your mind to the cloud and immerse yourself in a dystopian virtual holiday in the cloud hotel. In this abstract narrative experience, it is up to you to figure out the rules of the world while your attention is diverted.

Original idea by Vincent Boon & Enzo Soubra, created by UNI_VERSE studio in collaboration with Antfood for the entire sonic world built around it.

This project started as an internship project by Vincent Boon, as I got involved it turned into a full blown studio passion project. After managing to get a budget from the studio, many people got involved to try to help bring the vision to life.

This experience was released for free for anyone with a VR headset to try on the 14th of October 2022 and premiered during Adnight Amsterdam. As a part of the promotion for the release, we made custom Post card vinyl from the Cloud Hotel with Antfood that plays the original soundtrack of the experience.

Check it out for yourself here:


UNI_VERSE studio
Jeff Beukema: Creative Direction
Daan Schraauwers: Executive production
Vincent Boon: Technical Direction /Co-creative Direction
Enzo Soubra: Creative Production
Luc Nagel: Creative Development/Art Direction
Daan Dominic: 3D/Animation
Terence De Vries: 3D
Koen Vogel: Unity Development
Danny Groet: 3D model rigging, animating & concepting
Fons mans: Hotel Branding and UI

Music, Sound Design & Mix: Antfood

Ivano Salonia: XR Consultancy
Rob Haarsma: Development Consultancy

Special thanks to:
Doruk Ekker
Marlies Van der Wel
Mike Pelletier

The experience was shown at Adnight 2022, RGBXYZ 2021, Immersive Tech Week Church of VR 2022 and Curta Brasilia 2022

Full press kit available here